Dahlan Robert Foah

Mr. Foah is the President of Visioneering® International, Inc. He has combined his talents in music and the visual arts with a prescient ability to work with emerging technologies, to become one of the founding members of the audiovisual/multimedia industry. As a principal audiovisual consultant to the United Nations, Mr. Foah brought a powerful artistic sensibility combined with financial management skills to exhibitions, Visitors’ Centres and World’s Fair pavilions as well as many productions and installations for corporate clients. He began his working partnership with Honora Foah in 1989.

Managing multi-million dollar budgets and contract negotiations engendered a second career as a small business consultant. He was awarded the Crystal Peach by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

From the age of five, Mr. Foah studied piano with Mme. Lina Calibi, the accompanist to Bidu Sayao, and Gabriella Bezansoni. He also studied conducting with Maestro Enrico Leide, who was the founder of the original Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Atlanta Community Orchestra. Later, interested in photography, he became an assistant to Ansel Adams, which made his combination of musical and visual skills ideally suited for the emerging audio-visual industry.

His current focus is primarily as a cultural entrepreneur. He is producer and music director for Creativity in Captivity, the Recombinant DNA project and other new works and is well known as an advisor to emerging companies and artists.

All along, Foah has kept his early musical training alive and well, and currently is Principal Conductor and Artistic Director of two orchestras — MusicAAtlanta, a professional orchestra and Atlanta Musicians’ Orchestra, a community orchestra. Recently Foah has conducted Beethoven, Strauss, Debussy, Stravinsky and others.

 In 2010, Mr. Foah conducted the Christchurch, New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in Town Hall, Christchurch. He is Chairman of the Lotoro Institute.

In 2014, he conducted the World Premiere of L’Anniversaire by Lucas Richman and has been instrumental in championing new musical ideas and organizations in Atlanta.

In 2017, he produced The Birth of Color, A Marriage of Darkness and Light in Budapest, Hungary and is now working on the second piece in the cycle, SivaSati and Mr and Mrs Hades.