Honora Foah

Honora Foah is a multimedia artist. She is currently developing a cycle of Frequency Operas entitled Recombinant DNA which explore different frequency spectra through two lenses – science and myth.

A pioneer of multi- disciplinary art, Ms Foah’s New York based dance theatre company incorporated movement/dance, voice, music, food, art installation, and media projection. The company was a grant recipient from the National Endowment for the Arts.

She created and collaborated on two notable performance cycles, Water Murders, with playwright Bradford Riley, and her own Recombinant DNA, which is the core of her ongoing focus. A collaboration with artist Amy Landesberg produced a full gallery show at the Sandler-Hudson Gallery in Atlanta.

After ten years with the New York company, Ms Foah’s son was born, inspiring an interest in education which led to studies in Waldorf Education and helping to found three schools. A Masters degree from the University of North Carolina in Dance and PhD studies in Education followed.

Ms Foah became Creative Director of Visioneering International in 1989. In this capacity, she served as chief designer and producer of two World’s Fair pavilions for the United Nations (Genoa, Italy; Taijon, Korea), work for the Hayden Planetarium, installations for Fernbank Science Museum, and video art installations for Augusta Children’s Hospital and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Emory Hospital.

In 2003, Ms Foah began work on Mythic Journeys, a performance festival and conference of extraordinary scope. Bringing together more than 150 presenters, speakers, artists, and performers, Mythic Journeys used the great archetypal stories, sacred traditions and folk tales as a ground from which new art in consonance with interdisciplinary conversation can create a context for contemporary events. Psychologists, scientists, poets, scholars, politicians, business people, artists and musicians brought their expertise and creativity to bear on the experiences and issues of our time.

In 2005, Mythic Journeys was the subject of a two-hour documentary on National Public Radio. Mythic Imagination has also produced the Human Forum conference for The Alliance for a New Humanity. A feature-length film about Mythic Journeys was released in the spring of 2010.

In 2013, the film Banaz, A Love Story, for which Ms Foah was a writer and story developer, won a Peabody and an Emmy for best documentary. She continues to consult on various films.

In 2014, a multimedia opera she created The Birth of Color: A Marriage of Darkness and Light was recorded in Budapest. In 2016, it was performed as an official selection of the Budapest Arts Festival. The remaining 6 Frequency Operas are in development, SivaSati, to be performed in 2018 and Mr & Mrs Hades shortly thereafter.