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The Frequency Operas, Recombinant DNA, are a project of Mythic Imagination Institute,

a 501(c(3) corporation.

Heartfelt thanks to all the patrons and donors who made The Birth of Color production possible:


Kathleen Bingaman
Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival
Andrew and Karen Daneman
Astuti and Sharif Horthy
Susanne and Torodd Lien


Salahuddin Brownfield
Andrew and Karen Daneman
Hilma Wolf-Doettinchem
Ernestine Faux-Russ
Gregory Gudgeon
Junco Sato Pollack Art Textiles
William Dusty and Jane Miller
Stephen Rolf Powell
Darin Prindle
Josef Ruß
Simon Shima
Mardiyah and Rashad Tarantino
Northern Light Gallery
Richard Salisbury
Dawn Zarimba
Matt and Elaine Weyandt